Site payment

Payment aggregator tachcard will be useful primarily to those vendors who sell goods and/or services through online platforms and want to integrate there the payment system. Our aggregator may be a single payment system, or co-exist with others.
Payment system choosing

Tachcard aggregator accepts payments from user accounts in Tachcard system. User may pay by simple scanning of QR-code or by choosing account from the list of accounts. Is is also possible to pay usually with bank card in aggregator.


If you choose Tachcard payment aggregator, you get our team support for the integration. We will set up a system customized for your needs. The aggregator will take the necessary parameters and process related errors. The logo of your company may be placed on aggregator page. This page also may be branded more, if necessary.


Payment by scanning the QR-code, and by selecting account from a list goes through Tachcard system. Payment with bank card is held through a system of TASlink and is processed with Tachcard rates.