What is QR code and why it is needed: part 1

The squares, in which there are many other squares, stripes, and rectangles, could be described approximately as QR-code by a person living far from civilization. For almost 20 years you can meet these encrypted pictures all over the world. Their popularity comes down and comes back again. We have decided to collect for you all the important information, interesting facts and cases of use of QR-codes in business and advertising in a series of materials that we will regularly publish on our blog. For not missing the fresh materials, we immediately advise you to make friends with us on Facebook!



So what is QR-code and how did it appear?


Initially this technology was developed for the automotive industry in Japan in 1994. The encrypted image was used to designate technical information, serial number and other important data of machines. Soon the technology of QR-code was picked up by all other business spheres. “Key Code” is an excellent replacement for familiar barcodes, they contain a large amount of information – more than 4,000 letters or numbers.


By the way, the name itself is decoded as
Quick Response Code – a quick response code. And in fact, quick, in comparison with barcodes, the first is scanned instantly.



How is it working?

Read the codes can all the modern smartphones today – for this you just need to run the camera application and bring the lens to the picture. After that the code is instantly decrypted and prompts you to open the information, go to the link, create a contact in the phonebook and much more.



The most widespread QR code was received in Asian countries, where it is often affixed to product labels. The code facilitates more detailed acquaintance with the product, allows the buyer to get more information by translating it into another interaction field with more visual or even interactive content.


In the same easy way you can get information about exhibits in many museums. You do not need to crowd around a plaque with text – you can simply scan the QR and read information from your smart gadget, while stopping and examining the item from any angle.

Тn length of time a limited QR barcode From the simple and logical replacement began an interactive revolution. And the number of his applications is limited to human imagination. In the following articles, we will talk about successful examples of using QR-code in business, how to use this “picture” to earn money on traveling, why many supermarkets are planning to abandon cash in the near future and how Tachcard will develop this technology in Ukraine.