How can you use qr code in business?

We always strive for simple interaction. As you know, laziness is the engine of progress. But what’s the QR code? It’s simple: a QR code can make it easier for a potential client to get acquainted with your product or service.


Times change. At the moment almost every smartphone has a built-in QR code scanner. All you need is just to open the camera program. And it is worth taking note. Indeed, a year ago the situation was almost the opposite. The user had to download the application for reading QR codes. But smartphone makers realized that the Chinese QR boom is spreading around the world.



The use of square codes in external and online advertising can bring quite positive result. It is much more convenient for a potential client to familiarize yourself with your product on your device than on a board. Using a QR code, as a link to a mobile application, eliminates its search in the app store and increases the likelihood of its subsequent installation. If you want to announce an event, add to this a QR code that will automatically add the event to the calendar of your smartphone.




Not the only terminal. Give more options your customers for paying. Generate QR codes for paying for purchases. All you need for making payment is to scan the code and confirm the payment.


If suddenly it seemed to you that the QR code looks rather boring, you can make it more original. Create a QR with your company logo and select a color for it. In this case he will definitely attract more attention.



Also QR can be applied on business cards. After reading the code, the gadget will offer to add a contact with the prepared signature. Losing business cards after that is not terrible – you can always be in touch.