How Volkswagen and Emart conducted effective advertising campaigns using qr-code

In this article we will tell you how successful campaigns were created to promote brands using QR code. Volkswagen experience. When the essence and the main characteristics of the goods can be announced without papers and numbers.

Volkswagen Mexico conducted an advertising campaign with QR code to increase the capacity of its Crafter transit vans. The brand has built a giant QR code from boxes with oranges.

The code images were placed in Central de Abastos in Mexico City, the largest wholesale market in the world. When people scanned the code and then were linked to a video with a dismantled wall and loaded into the back of the crafter. An impressive advertising campaign increased brand awareness in this area by 224%, and 69% of people who viewed the code requested additional information. This project of the marketing agency DDB Mexico received a bronze at the Cannes Film Festival.

The South Korean company Emart faced the task of increasing sales during the lunch break, which was solved in a rather creative way.

Emart introduced The Sunny Sale. For interactive sale three-dimensional QR code was used, which was placed throughout the city. It could only be scanned from 12:00 to 13:00, because only at this time the structural elements cast a shadow in such a way that a readable QR code was formed. Everyone who scanned the code was provided with special offers and a coupon, which could be used in the nearest physical store or through a mobile online store. During the lunch period, Emart significantly increased its sales and increased the number of seats with a QR code from 12 to 36. This is an example of the effective use of modern technologies to increase sales.