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tashcard – is a mobile application for quick, easy, cheap and secure cashless payment from your smartphone.


Pay with smartphone!




Why would you like to install tachcard mobile application?

  • Add to application any bank cards and e-money to pay then online and offline. Enter their data only once at a first time, then application automatically uses it.
  • Transfer money between your accounts quickly and easily. We are constantly working hard to make the transaction commission as minimum as possible on the Ukrainian market. The commission for transaction between tachcard accounts is and always will be zero.
  • You may transfer money to another tachcard used by mobile number – just select him from a list of phone contacts. You may also transfer money by mobile number to even unregistered user. He receives SMS with tachcard site URL, where he can withdraw money in any convenient manner.
  • You may transfer money to another tachcard user by smartphone and QR-code. This QR-code is generated and scanned with tachcard application – no additional application is required. The recipient simply enters the sum, selects the account to receive money and shows generated QR-code. Payer simply scans QR-code with his smartphone and select the account to withdraw money from.
  • You may do payments and purchases by smartphone in the Internet and offline stores, terminals, any offline media (billboards, postmates, T-shirts, subway, train, public transport) – just scan merchant’s QR-code during payment.


You may install the application tachcard completely free right now