Application payment

This article will be useful especially for those sellers who have their mobile app and want to integrate possibility of payment into it. Here we explain what Tachcard module is and how to integrate the possibility of payment in your application easily.


Tachcard application enables the user to make the payment by:

  • transfer with mobile number
  • transfer with bank card
  • simply scanning of QR-code
  • transfer to another Tachcard account


Payer may choose any of the tools added to Tachcard account as a source of funds:

  • Tachcard account
  • bank card
  • e-money account


Integrating Tachcard module in your mobile application, you provide the user with the ability to make payments in any of these tools. All you need is to place the module under a single button on the payment page.


Tachcard module is a closed program unit prepared for a simple integration into your application. The module receives the parameters for authorization and the sum (entered either automatically or by user), shows the list of payment accounts and pays with the selected tool. It may output the result on the screen or call your software for further processing.

Signing the contract with Tachcard you get access to the online merchant’s cabinet, where you may monitor all transactions, analyze statistics, and also create new widgets and static QR-codes.



Why is it profitable?

  • You will have no extra costs for the development of a fairly large application updates.
  • You do not need to spend money on integration with the bank.
  • You do not need to spend money on integration with the processing.
  • Tachcard team has already done the work with different payment systems to integrate them as payment instruments, and is constantly expanding the list.
  • We save you the most precious thing – your time!

Example: Delivery of water with individual order price, number of units selection, delivery time selection and prepayment.

You need integration of Tachcard module and static QR-code.



The sequence of steps:

  1. Client scans QR-code on a bottle.
  2. Client gets his cost per unit, indicates the number of product and delivery time.
  3. User pays by any convenient tool through the merchant application with Tachcard module or through tachcard application.
  4. Seller software receives an order and automatically adds it in the database.