Branding application

It may be useful for the sellers who want to add wide billing functionality to their mobile app or create such an app from scratch.

Creating an white label app with Tachcard means that your app will “do” all the same, that Tachcard app does, but will be branded by you and will have the additional individual functionality, necessary for your business. This functionality may be developed and integrated at your or at our side.

White Label with Tachcard app will have common with the entire Tachcard system user base. This means that any Tachcard system user automatically becomes a registered user in your system, and your registered user automatically gets Tachcard account. This is a fairly significant bonus because of Tachcard wide partnership network.


White label app with Tachcard functionality


Basic integration allows the user to perform the next things in application

  • add any bank cards to pay with them
  • transfer money from card to card
  • transfer money by mobile number
  • pay and transfer money to each other with the Tachcard QR-code
  • make a purchase from the catalog in the app
  • pay by any card in your online store and online stores of Tachcard partners
  • make cashless payments in offline stores and services of your network and Tachcard partners


Individual integration may provide the following functionality

  • show the product description on the smartphone screen after scanning Tachcard QR-code
  • accept cashless paying with Tachcard QR-code in payment terminals and self-service vending machines
  • accept cashless paying with Tachcard QR-code in any offline places (taxi, transport, POS materials, outdoor advertising, offline stores, HoReCa)
  • organize post machine work without payment terminal



Tachcard system was developed flexible enough to be quickly integrated into the software systems of any complexity. We invite you to create the best for business and beneficial for the client solutions together.