From card to card in smartphone: where is cheaper?

FOCUS edition September 12, 2017 published the article about the applications of main providers of mobile payments. Duplicating material in our blog. It’s about Privat24, Oschad 24/7, Vodafone Pay, Tachcard and MOSST.

Mobile payments market is one of the fastest growing segments of financial services in Ukraine. According to the National Bank of Ukraine in 2016 Ukrainians made mobile payments in the amount of 2.99 billion UAH. According to a study conducted by the Office of Effective Regulation (BRDO) in 2017, if all legal and regulatory issues are settled, the mobile payment market in Ukraine in two years could grow to $ 650 million (about UAH 16.9 billion).

There is demand – there is supply. The number of companies offering mobile payment solutions is constantly growing; solutions are becoming more convenient and versatile. Anyway, the developers of each of them are trying to satisfy the three most popular needs of the Ukrainian user with the highest quality: transfer from card to card, top up a mobile account, pay for services. And, if the average monthly amounts of the last two are more or less stable, then the market of card transfers is constantly growing from year to year.

Until now the most popular among Ukrainian financial providers in terms of transfers from card to card is Privat24. But as Google shows, Ukrainians are regularly looking for how to make money transfers between cards cheaper. Let’s compare the offers of financial service providers for transaction fees.


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Privat24 service is convenient, first of all, to PrivatBank’s clients: money transfers between cards of the bank itself and from bank cards to cards of third-party issuers are available here, but the transaction between cards of other Ukrainian banks in the application is not working.

Depending on the types of PrivatBank cards involved in the transaction through the application, the transaction fee between them will be 0% or 1% (0.5% from each participant). When transferring funds from the PrivatBank card to a card of any other Ukrainian bank (P2P), the commission will be 0.5% (but not less than 5 UAH).

Privatbank provides an opportunity to make transfers between cards of other banks, but only on the corresponding page of the bank site. For this you will have to pay 1% (but not less than 5 UAH) commission. In this case, an additional commission is possible, which is charged to the recipient according to the tariffs of the issuing bank.

Conclusion: Commission for transfer from card to card is generally quite standard. Using the application for p2p transfers is really beneficial only for bank customers. At the same time the application will not allow making a transfer between cards of any Ukrainian banks. Such a transaction is possible only on the bank site.

Oschad 24/7

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To register in the mobile application you need to enter the Oschadbank card number and confirm it with a code from SMS. Thus a user who is not a bank customer can’t use the mobile application.

While transferring funds between your Oschadbank cards you will not have to pay a commission, although for some types of cards there is a minimum commission of 0.1% + 2 UAH. Transfers from one’s own card to another’s Oschadbank will cost 3 UAH, but transfer from the Oschadbank card to a card of any other Ukrainian bank will cost 1% + 5 UAH of commission.

Transfer between cards of other banks in the Oschad 24/7 mobile application is not possible. But the transfer between cards of third-party banks can be made on the site of Oschadbank. Here the commission will also be 1% + 5 UAH.

Conclusion: The application of Oschadbank can be used only by a bank customer with a card. To transfer funds between the cards of any Ukrainian banks, the Oschadbank application is not suitable. This operation can be performed only on the bank’s website. The Oschadbank Commission is generally even higher than that of Privat.

Vodafone Pay

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The application allows you to make transfers between any cards of Ukrainian banks. It is worth noting that MasterPass wallet is integrated into it, and if you store your cards in it, they will become available here after binding the wallet. Commission when transferring from card to card (P2P) via Vodafone Pay is 0.5% + 2.5 UAH.

Conclusion: Vodafone Pay service is pleasantly pleased with the commission, which turned out to be much less than that of the key banks. The ability to connect a MasterPass wallet greatly simplifies the use of cards.


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It is worth noting that the option to scan using a smartphone camera is available for entering the card number. You can also memorize the card for repeated transfers. Of course, it is convenient for the user.

Commission for transfer from card to card is fixed and does not depend on the amount of transfer: the cost of any transaction is 6.99 UAH.

At the same time on the Tachcard website the commission for transfers between cards is 0.3% + 3 UAH. This is certainly more profitable than in the application, if we are talking about amounts up to, let’s say, 1 thousand UAH. Thus, the provider offers a convenient commission for any amount of transfer. The only difference is where to spend it.

Conclusion: A fixed fee of UAH 6.99 for any transaction in the Tachcard application is beneficial for transferring large amounts. For small amounts, the provider offers a very low commission on the site. We can say that a profitable commission is the main advantage of this service.


Download in Google Play and App Store.

To make transfers in the basic version the sender’s card data must be entered each time a transfer is made. In the premium version is available the ability to save their own and others’ cards.

Commission for transfer is 1% + 5 UAH of the amount.

Conclusion: The service has a rather high commission of 1% + 5 UAH. In the basic version for the transfer it is necessary to enter the sender’s card details each time.


Having spent a little time for registration for the first time, in the future the use of Privat24, Oschad 24/7, Vodafone Pay, Tachcard and MOSST applications will, one might say, be fun.

Talking about the commission, the user has something to think about. There is the choice of service depends on the cards and the amount of transfer. If we speak generally about transferring any amount between two cards of any Ukrainian banks in a smartphone, the result is as follows. For small (up to UAH 1 thousand) amounts, it is most advantageous to make transfers in the Vodafone Pay application. For transfers of large amounts (from UAH 1 thousand), the Tachcard application is most suitable. At the same time, for the amounts up to UAH 1 thousand, the commission on the Tachcard website (0.3% + 3 UAH) will be more profitable than that of Vodafone Pay in the mobile application.

The results of the rating of mobile payment services in order from the minimum commission to the maximum are collected in the table below. You should also keep in mind that Privat24 and Oschad 24/7 services do not allow making transfers from cards of other banks.